To properly set up the Zumspot hotspots used for DStar, such as the "ZUMspot Kit W/1.3 OLED-2" or the "ZUMspot RPi Nextion 2.4 Kit",

  • Set Offset Direction to -Dup
  • Offset Frequency to 0.000
Both of these devices are essentially low power 70cm simplex repeaters and the radios must be programmed as if for a repeater. That is why the Offset Direction is necessary (make the radio work as if it is talking to a repeater), but since it is simplex, you use the 0.00 (Blank) Offset Frequency so the Rx and Tx frequencies remain the same when you key up.

You program the Dstar radios just like a repeater, with the same frequency you set up on the Zumspot over wifi with the pi-star setup menu. All works on the radio once there is a + or - on the display with the channel.