What a radio! It reminds me of the Yaesu FT-8500 with the "Mr Potato head" mic.... I'm dating myself. This one has a secret... they hid the jack for connecting the programming cable.... and did a really good job of it.

When you take the radio out of the box, the front of the body looks like this:
Then with the help of a little screwdriver, you remove the cover labeled "The Data Hole" and find this:
The programming cable attaches to the Data port found under that cover.
This is a little black box.  Whether you work with it right side up or up side down, the data port
 is the one the farthest from the mic jack for the head of the radio.
As with LOTS of radios, it is the one closest to the edge of the radio. 
The manual states "the PC Port is above the power supply" in the drawings on page 5. Thinking they mean that it is "above" the power cord, since I have found no other power supply on this unit, I removed the little cover from the back of the radio. A label of ANT-2 is to the upper right of that cover.

Seeing what I found, I encourage you NOT to plug anything into that hole.

Thought I would give you a look and save you removing that cover.... it is definitely NOT for programming.