VX-7 / Icon Font Error
Have seen this issue come up a few different times, so I'll make note of it in here.

In some installations of the VX-7 Programmer, the iconfont.ocx file does not get registered properly.

If you are able to locate the file, you can register it from its location by using the Command Prompt running as an Administrator or by opening the run box and dragging the iconfont.ocx file into the text box and typing "regsvr32" in front of the file location.

If you receive an error message after trying to register that file, go to http://www.rtsystems.us/download/vbrun60.exe and run that installer. It will install some background Microsoft Visual files. After that has been done, try registering the iconfont.ocx again.

If that does not work, go to http://www.rtsystems.us/download/vx7iconfont.exe, install that and that should fix the problem.