Th e radio is in a Channel Only mode. The B0000 display is just a default for the screen when the radio is in this mode.

This happens when the wrong button is pressed when engaging CLONE mode. It is easily corrected. To toggle the FT-2900 back to regular frequency mode, press and hold the [Set/MHz] key while turning the radio on. The radio will return to frequency display and normal operation.

So if you are in this mode on the radio, here are a few other things you might want to know about its operations. 
  • When pressed lightly, the [D/MR] button switches the radio from VFO to Memory to Home mode.  VFO, Memory mode, or Home mode will be indicated appropriately at the lower right of the display. 
  • If you want to display names when in memory mode (VFO does not have a name associated with it), press the A/N key for 1 second (a heavy touch... almost a press and hold) to toggle the display for that channel. 
  • The function indicated at the bottom of the buttons is access with a quick touch of the button. The one at the top is accessed with a longer touch. Generally, pressing PTT very briefly will exit a function that you get into unexpectedly.