The FT-5D radio has two displays. So why when I program that radio
do all the channels show up on the top and the bottom?

The radio was designed with one "bucket" of memory channels but two ways to look into that "bucket" (the top and bottom part of the display). With that, you can:
  • Operate on two different memory channels from the list.
  • Operate on a channel on the top or bottom and have the other scanning.

But I want to separate my channels. I want UHF on the bottom and VHF on the top (or analog on the bottom and digital on the top... whatever separation you want).

Not difficult to do with the Banks this radio offers. Banks are like baskets into which you place the memory channels. When the radio operates in one of these Banks it knows nothing of other banks. All radios that have banks work this way. Yaesu radios are unique in their design since they will let you put a memory channel in more than one bank. That can be handy for weather, National Calling Channel, or others that you want to access anytime.

Step 1. Assign the channels to the particular banks. In this example, Bank 1 is VHF and Bank 2 is UHF. Notice that the first channel in both the VHF and UHF groups is assigned to both banks. Those two will appear in both the top and bottom displays of the radio. In the programmer, assignment looks like this:

The screen has been reduced using Settings | Bank Settings. The columns we don't need right now are hidden. The options are all still there to program the radio.... we just put the details out of the way for now.

Notice the check mark under Bank 1 for the VHF channels and under Bank 2 for the UHF channels. It's that easy to do the assignment. You can even click one with your mouse then copy and paste it to the others.

Step 2. Save and send this file to the radio.

When the radio first receives this file, you will see all the channels on both the top and bottom display. This is normal and expected. You have some work that must be done on the radio to complete this process.

Step 3: On the radio: Put the top part of the display on Bank 1 then access the bottom band of the radio and set it to Bank 2.
To select the Bank: Well, this is interesting, Yaesu left these instructions out of the manual... let me give them to you here

  1. While operating in the top or bottom of the display (this will be done separately for each), touch the [F menu] key.
  2. Touch the word Bank at the right in the top row. Depending on where you are in the menu, you may need to use Fwd or Back to find the Bank option. The second page of the menu has M.LIST in that upper right position. Press Back to return to the first page of the menu.
  3. The radio will always put you into the last bank used when you switch between memory mode and bank mode.
  4. The first time you access banks, you will automatically go to bank 1.
  5. To select a different bank, press the Band key on the radio.
  6. The available banks will be presented (i.e., those that have channels programmed into them. If a Bank # is not presented, it is empty.)
  7. When the bank you want is presented, press the Band key on the radio to lock in your selection.
  8. B # will appear at the upper left of the display. Beneath this, the channel number will be displayed. If you are operating in single display mode, the channel number appears next to the Bank indication. Turning the knob on top will advance the channel number without changing the bank number.
  9. Press A/B button to move to the other display and repeat these steps to access the desired bank for that part of the display. Even in single display, pressing the A/B button toggles between the A display and B display. If either is still in regular memory mode, ALL will be displayed at the upper corner
Once you have selected Bank 1 (B 1) for the top display and Bank 2 (B 2) for the bottom display, you will have your 2M/440mHz isolation you were after.