Sequence of operation:
  1. Open the program
  2. Select SETTINGS then Select the RADIO MENU SETTINGS drop down item
  3. To edit User Band Edges, you must first set Band Edge Beep to one of the User modes. This is done on the Set 1 Mode screen. Band Edge Beep is found at the bottom of the first column on that screen. Set to one of the (User) options. (This reflects the function of the radio. You cannot use User Band Edges unless Band Edge Beep is set to a User option.)
  4. Next Select SET MODE 3 tab
  5. Go to the USER BAND EDGE box
  6. Make desired changes
  7. Save the changes through the File Menu on the Settings screen before closing
  8. When you send your memory channels to the radio, these options will be set as you configured them here.