A strange feature of the radio involves memory channel selection. It seems to only affect the Broadcast Band frequencies and is only an issue in Band A of the radio. This could be by design and we have just not found the "on/off" in the settings. It's really not a bad thing but could be a "gotcha" if you are not aware of it.
  • This starts with broadcast band frequencies programmed into memory channels (i.e., say 95.5, 108.3, 76.2... whatever you favorite listening channels are).
  • Then on the radio, you press the V/M key to work VFO on Band A.
  • While working VFO you press the Band key to the Broadcast band.
  • Now that you are finished with VFO, you leave it in the Broadcast band and press the V/M key to go back to memory.
  • Once you tune to one of those pre-programmed broadcast frequencies in the memory channels, you will not be able to tune to any channel other than one in the broadcast band. It will be like working in a bank that contains only the broadcast band channels. The others are not lost, they are just not accessible.
  • To correct the issue and get all your memory channels back, press the V/M key again and once in VFO press Band to any other band. When you press V/M again, all memory channels will be accessible (including the ones in the broadcast band).
So, you have lost nothing. You just need to not leave the VFO in the Broadcast band. Not hard once you know the trick!!