Complaint- After programing both the Left and Right Memories, only the Left memories will scan. When attempt to scan on the right memories the radio displays a message Error "No Memory".

Response - In your file you have the Memory Scan Type option for the Right side set to Select Memory. With this option set, the radio scans only channels marked as Select in the Skip column. Since there are no channels set to Select there are no memories to scan.

To change the Memory Scan Type: Access Settings | Radio Menu Settings| Common tab. Then you will make changes to Left Side and Right Side Settings (far right of screen). Set Memory Scan Type to All Memories so all of your channels are included in the scan.

A couple of other settings that you might want to consider for use of your radio...
- First Column - Memory Coverage and VFO Coverage - Consider carefully if you want to cover all or InBand only for these. Your selection will determine if you have both 2M and 440MHz or just one of these bands.
- Left and Right Side settings - We already discussed Memory Scan Type, but consider settings RX Expansion to Wide Coverage if you need the weather channels or other frequencies outside the ham bands.