FT-991 / Radio does not transmit after programming

This is Camille Taylor, KX4CAM. On Friday, 12/27/19, you were helping me with an issue. After programming my radio, I discovered that I could no longer transmit. Fortunately, I finally stumbled upon the solution to the problem.

My rig consists of the Yaesu 991a, a power supply, a 2-meter antenna, an HF antenna and an external antenna tuner. It seems that just as the radio needs to be turned off and on again to complete the programming process, apparently, the external tuner also has to be turned off and on again as well. Once this was done, everything worked fine. I have no idea what one thing has to do with the other. Neither did my "Elmers", but that's what worked.

So, I hope that this info will be of help to you if you happen across a similar situation. I guess the first question should be, "How is your rig set up?' If the customer has an external tuner, problem solved!!

Again, thank you for your time and assistance. Happy New Year and 73.