The ADMS-FT2D Radio Programmer
for the Yaesu FT-2D
Getting the initial details from the radio.
Programming the Yaesu FT-2D radio begins with getting data from the radio to give the ADMS-FT2D Programmer identifying information it needs. What is retrieved in this process is modification status, world wide version (American, European, South American, etc) and other information about the radio that can only be retrieved from it. Memory channel details are not important to this process.

This may be your first experience working with the SD card and the data transfer process on this radio. The process is very similar to that used by the FT-1D. These steps will help you through that process.
Step 1: With the radio off, insert the SD card into the slot on the side of the radio market Micro SD.
  • There is only one way the card will fit.
  • Do NOT force it.
  • Presuming you are right handed and working such that you are looking at the front of the radio, the teeth of the card will be facing you.
    Yes, this is upside-down from traditional convention.
  • The gold "teeth" will be facing you and will go into the radio first.
  • Gently press the card into the slot until it clicks and stays firmly in place.
  • Be VERY CAREFUL that you do not try to insert the card behind the slot. Even the Operating manual warns of this on page 20.
  • The card will not work if it is not seated properly in the slot and will probably be ruined if you manage to force it into the space behind the slot.
FT-2D Card Slot

Step 2: With the radio on, press hold for 1 second the [DISP] key on the face of the radio to access the menu. FT-2D Front

Step 3: Touch the SD card option to select.

FT-2D Menu Option 10

Step 4: Turn the knob on top to the BACKUP selection Touch the screen being very careful to select BACKUP. Or press the DISP key to select.

You are still in control. There are still two more questions to answer to begin the process.

Note: The radio will show BACKUP at the top of the screen to confirm that you have made the correct selection. If you do not see BACKUP, press the BACK button and try again.
FT-2D Backup Select

Step 5: Write to SD will be highlighted.

Press the [DISP] key again to select this option. And OK to begin the process.

This will transfer all the details of your radio to the SD card. Even in a new radio there are details that the Programmer needs to identify your radio.
FT-2D Write to SD

Step 6: The Write screen appears

Press OK twice (once to select and again to activate).

The details of the radio will be transferred to the SD card.
FT-2D Write

Step 7: The process takes only a matter of seconds to complete.
The radio clearly lets you know with a Complete screen that the process has been completed successfully.
FT-2D Complete

Step 8: Remove the SD card from the slot for use in the computer.

It may not seem normal; but you press the SD card to release it from the slot.

The card will "eject" and be ready to remove.

Use the holder that came with the radio to grip the card or tweezers work well.

At all times be sure you do NOT touch to gold contacts. This could damage the card to the point it cannot be used by the radio or the computer.

Load the SD card into a reader for your computer to use.
FT-2D SD Card Slot

Step 9: Identifying the SD card on the computer

Load the SD card into a reader or directly into a slot on your computer. .

On most computers, the program makes the process very automatic for getting data from or writing data to the SD card. A few computer cannot write to the SD card when it is in a slot on the machine. These machines work once a USB reader is used with the card.