Scanning, programmable scan, Yaesu, FTM-400, memory scanning
FTM-400 / PMS Steps This is what I found with the FTM-400 and PMS scanning.

Using programmer version 5.00.47, I set frequencies in the Band A and Band B Limit Memories. I also set Step to 5, 25, 12.5, 50, 100, and Auto.

What I found once I sent the file to the radio.

  1. I could check the steps two ways....
    • put the radio into memory mode / select a PL channel / start scanning / touch SCAN again to stop scanning / verify that PMS appears on the screen just above and to the left of the frequency / turn the tuning knob for a or B band and watch the frequencies change based on the step.
    • select the upper or lower channel / press and hold Setup to enter the Set Menu / select Config / select 7 FM Am Step / the step is displayed there (this is interesting especially when Step is set to Auto in the program. The radio automatically selects a value for this field.)

  2. If the step on the upper and lower limit were different, the radio scanned based on whether I started scanning on the upper or lower channel.

  3. I could get each of the steps to work. I verified each both ways I described above.