The IC-V8 and IC-V82, each have a channel number mode that not only displays Ch #, but renders many functions of the radio inaccessible from the radio's face.

In this mode, it will appear that the radio has ceased to function properly.  This is by design.

When in Channel Number mode, the radio is most like a commercial radio with limited features to be adjusted. The radio could be handed to someone who knows nothing about it and used without fear of a setting begin changed and loss of communications.

In the programmer, this mode is set in Settings | Radio Memory Settings | Memory Display.  Set this option to Frequency / Memory Ch # / Name as needed for your use. 

From the face of the radio, this option is set from the Initial Set Menu.  To access the Initial Set Menu, hold the UP and Down arrow keys next to the display while turning on the power.  

The option dSP.[FR or CH or Na]  for FR - Frequency / CH - Channel Number / Na - Name  should be set appropriately for your use.