The Kenwood TH-D7 radio was produced in an original "A" version then later as an "AG". The radios differ in the characteristics and abilities of the built in TNC. Enough changes were made that these two radios require separate programmers to address those differences.

The RT Systems programmer for the TH-D7 is packaged with the programmer for each of these models. You will be asked during installation to choose the model that you have. Selection of the wrong one will result in your not being able to program the radio. The process will fail when you attempt to communicate between the radio and the programmer.

Presented here are the physical characteristics that we know of that distinguish the two radios. Use this as a guide to help you identify your radio as an "A" or "AG" model.
Remove the battery. Look for the label on the radio.

If there is no label, this is an "A" radio.


This label can be found on "AG" model radios.

TH-D7AG Label

The identifier for the radio will be displayed
when the radio is powered on.

TH-D7A Startup

TH-D7AG Startup

Check your radio carefully and be sure to use the correct RT Systems programmer to address it.