How to Check for Updates

1. Run your Programmer and Click Help.



2. Then Click "Check for updates..."



3. The update downloads from the Internet. This may take a little time.

A window opens to let you know there are updates for the Programmer.

Notice the Programmer is still open behind this smaller window. If you click Update now...



4. The Updater tells you to close all the Programmers. Click OK to clear this error.



5. Click the X at the upper right of the screen of the Programmer or use File | Exit to close the Programmer.

Don't lose your work!! The Programmer will ask you to save each file you have open as it closes. Respond Yes for those you need to save and No for those that don't matter yet.



6. Now the Updater window is open by itself. Click Update to continue. A progress bar will let you know that things are being done.



7. The Updating completed message will let you know when the process is finished. Click OK to close this message.



8. Open the Programmer again. You are up to date and ready to get that radio set up just as you want it.