So you power on the radio holding the F1 key according to the instructions in the Programmer. Then, you press the dial knob on the right.... and nothing happens, check these:

This video shows you the radio being put into CLONE mode (along with details for name display) watch this video to learn more about that new radio.

To review what you saw... and a few other details.
  1. Be sure you are in the right CLN mode Rx or Tx. RX for sending to the radio and TX for getting from the radio. Remember, turning the knob one way gets you to one of them... you may have to turn it back to get to the other. This is a strange turn... it does not continually cycle through the list as you turn in one direction. You must go back by turning in the other direction to get back to the other one.
  2. Be sure you have let go of the F1 key. Although not specified, all instructions carry the implication that you release keys when the radio begins the desired action.
  3. If you press the dial knob too long, the radio will ignore you
  4. If the radio is locked, which is easily done when you power on...since the Lock function is triggered by the power button... pressing the dial knob will get you three beeps and the work LOCK displayed on the face. Touch the power button to unlock the radio. Don't hold it long enough to turn the radio off... just a touch to unlock.
  5. If you left the radio in Programmed Scanning when you powered it off, it will display Error when you attempt to go to CLONE Tx.