FTM-400 Out of Band Receive (AM, 174-400Mhz and 480-999.99MHz)
This is a common question for tech support on this radio and program. "Why are not all the channels that I programmed into memory available when it tune to them?" .

Generally it it thought that the program did not send them completely to the radio. That is not possible with a Yaesu radio. If it's in the program, it is sent to the radio. While Kenwood radios can do a channel selective omission, a Yaesu cannot. It will reject the entire file. We at RT Systems work very hard to help you create the file so that the radio won't reject it.

What appears to be an omission on the radio is just a setting that needs to be changed. The channels that are not available are outside the ham band (137-174 MHz and 400-480 MHz) for this radio. Remember, this is RECEIVE only. We're not talking about transmission here. By default, the RX Coverage option of the radio is set to Normal (ham only). This limits the RX Coverage to the ham band only.

To change:

In the programmer, go to Settings | Radio Menu Settings | Common 1 tab and set RX Coverage to Wide for Band A and Band B.
Save the Settings file. (this way you don't have to change it again in the future for using the program)
Do Communications | Send data to radio with your frequency file and the new settings file.

Now when you scan or tune in Memory or VFO, all the frequencies will be available.