Icom did a fairly major firmware upgrade to the ID-5100 a year or so ago. In that upgrade, the DR memories were expanded from 1200 to 1500.

To let the programmer know the version of you radio, do Communications | Get data from radio before you begin to work in a programming file. Do this even if you have not yet programmed anything into the memories of the radio.

A file created for an upgraded radio cannot be sent to one that has not been upgraded. The process will end with Error on the radio.

A file for a radio that is not upgraded CAN be sent to a radio that is upgraded.

The program is set for the lesser radio until you complete communications | Get data from radio. At that point, some data may seem to be lost. Close the program without saving the file. Then reopen and do Communications | Get data from Radio again. All the data of the file will appear as expected now that the programmer is expecting the increased amount.