The Alinco DR-735 is quite a radio when it comes to memories. DR-735 Memory Modes This video will show you all of this in the programmer and you can have this written account to refer to as you work with the programmer.

Page 56 of the manual for the radio explains Memory Channel mode selection. You have Common memories, L/R (Left/Right Memories) and All memories.

These associate to what you see in the programmer in this way:
  • The frequencies entered into Memories (see tabs at the bottom of the screen) will show on the radio when you are in Common mode.
    • Common mode is the default of the radio.
    • Common memories appear on BOTH sides of the radio.
  • The frequencies entered into Left Memories and Right Memories show up on exactly that Left and Right, respectively.... if you set Memory Mode to L/R in Settings | Radio Menu Settings
  • The frequencies for Memories AND Left and Right can be made to appear on the radio... if you set Memory Mode to All in Settings | Radio Menu Settings.

That option is Memory Mode which (just as it is set as Menu item 33 on the radio), is set in the programmer under Settings | Radio Menu Settings (and it is A LOT easier to get to in the programmer!)

So, depending on how you want to use your radio, enter the memory channels onto the appropriate spreadsheet then set the option in Settings for Memory Mode to use those channels.