The DR-735 is wonderful with the colors it can display. This gives one added measure to help keep you organized so you can enjoy the hobby that much more.

To set up colors in the radio using the RT Systems programmer:
  • Start in the Settings - (Settings | Radio Menu Settings in the menu of the program)

    Check the RGB display on the right of the screen and adjust any color to your choice.

    In the first column, set Color Mode to one of the following: All (the color set for CL0 is used for all functions), Memory (the options set on the Memories screen of the programmer for Standby Color, RX Color, and TX Color are used, Rainbow or Gradient (there are no options for changing the color displayed.)

    Save and close the settings screen of the programmer.

  • Memories tab - Set Standby Color, Rx Color and Tx Color to your choice.

Now there is a little "quirk" in the radio with the color display. If you make changes on the face of the radio, Standby Color (Menu item #10) will overwrite Tx and Rx colors (menu items 11 and 12) for that memory channel.

This option works well when everything is set from the programmer.