Display on radio Reverses
when programming cable attached.
Wouxum KG-UV9T(Plus)


At times the display of the radio will reverse color, text, or color and text when the USB-K4Y programming cable is attached. It will look something like the one shown here when in this state... see, we have one that does it too... not every time, but often enough that we noticed it.

This condition is not debilitating and the radio can be programmed in this state.

KGUV9T Display Reversed

Once the radio is powered off and the cable removed, the display returns to normal... or something like what is shown here....

Now, it seemed that this condition happened more often when the cable was not plugged completely into the mic jack of the radio. It seemed not to happen if the programming cable was connected securely into the mic jack.

as of now, December 2020, only the KG-UV9T(Plus) radio has performed as described, however, there may be other Wouxuns that demonstrate the same malady.
KG-UV9T Normal Display