In the Baojie BJ-9900 and the HYS TC-MAUV11 mobile radios, it seems the cross band repeater operations do not work quite as expected.

  • Once engaged, the radio transmitted continually on one channel or the other on the display.
  • It never once heard the signal I was sending it to re-transmit it via the other band.
  • Once engaged from the face of the radio, the feature could NOT be turned off without software. The radio is caught in memory mode and you cannot access the menu to turn off this feature if you are in memory mode.

This feature CANNOT be engaged from the RT Systems programmer for each of these radio. You can engage it from the face of the radio if you want to experiment.

The RT Systems programmer will turn off this feature automatically every time you complete Communications | Send data to radio. (even if it is on when you do the initial Communications | Get data from radio.)