So, you have programmed the radio with the memory channel information you want. Now you want to access that information.... Not so easily done on the FT-991 or FT-991A.

Follow these steps for the functionality you're looking for:
  1. Power on the radio (remember, you must power it off and back on after programming)
  2. Press the V/M key (to the right of the large tuning knob)
  3. Notice the indication at the upper left of the screen changes. You want it to be MEM## indicating memory mode.
  4. Press [F] key to access the function keys on the face of the radio. This is a SHORT press. If you hold it too long, it will bring up a list of memory channels. This is not what you want.
  5. Use FWD or BACK keys to change to the menu that has MCH in the top row. (The arrows on the right and left of every screen... don't worry about "fat fingers" on this screen. Touching with a fingernail, a plastic pen cap or a pencil eraser will work. You just want something that won't damage the face of the radio.)
  6. Press MCH and watch the indication below the frequency change to MCH.
  7. Now it gets a little tricky to return to the scope display, close the menu and remain in MCH mode. I was able to accomplish it through a series of keystrokes using the [F] and [V/M] keys; but I can't tell you the exact sequence as it never seemed to be the same twice depending on what the radio did next.
  8. The object of the exercise is to have the MCH appearing on the face of the radio below the frequency. Then the multi knob will function to change channels
If you want to know more about all the things that multi knob does, see page 22 of the FT-991 Operating Manual. That knob does 20 different things depending on what the radio is doing at the time. Changing memory channels is only one of those 20 things. This is a menu driven knob that will take some getting used to.

Note: Given the transfer from the programmer to the radio goes smoothly and neither the radio nor the computer throws an error, the radio may not display the frequencies of the memory channels when you access them the first time. If when you access memory mode with the V/M key the radio does not display the frequencies of the memory channels, switch back and forth between memory and VFO and the A/B key (above and to the left of the tuning knob) then back to memory mode until the radio syncs itself and all begins to work as expected.

We wish it were easier... but it is just what it is.  Hope this helps.