• Menu Item 33: CAT RTS can affect the transfer of data between the radio and the computer. Currently, we are seeing this issue on the Mac, however, this may be a solution for the ADMS-991/991A programmers on Windows also.

    What's strange about this is that on some systems the item must be enabled and on others it must be disabled. It's as if it must be changed from what is found when you access the setting to change it... as if changing it releases something in the data stream of the radio.

  • As always, Menu Item 29 232C Rate (CAT RATE) should be set to 192100 or 38400 bps. The 4800 bps default is just way too slow to get the job done efficiently... although it should work if you're willing to wait on it.

Note: Menu item numbers vary slightly between the 991 and the 991A. Consider the name of the item if you find the number to be different for your model.