The TH-D74 can do two different things through the data port; It can be a Mass Storage device (like an SD card to your computer) or it can be a Com device for IF output.

If the setting for the output is changed to Mass Storage, the radio will not longer Get or Send data to the programmer (any of the programmers.) To change that setting:

  • Access the menu of the radio (Press the Menu button on the radio).
  • Access Configuration (that's COG at the bottom right - last one - when selected, Configuration appears at the bottom of the display)
  • Press Enter on the radio (Ent button at center of four way)
  • Select Interface (turn the knob until you find it... the list is longer than the screen)
  • Find USB Function and press Enter to select
  • Select Com + AF/IF Output then click OK (the little OK at the bottom of the screen)
  • Click Back to exit the menu
  • Press PTT to exit main menu screen. Cycle radio off and back on

Communications between the radio and the computer will work now.