When the radio is connected to a PC in order to use a programming cable (RT Systems USB-K4Y) and programming software, you MUST configure the SP/MIC jack function prior to making a connection between the radio and the computer.

This is done by settings Menu Item 31 (PC) to On by the following steps. Everything that follows is done from the face of the radio.
  1. Press [MENU]
  2. Turn the Tuning knob to select menu No 31 (PC)
  3. Press [Menu]
  4. Turn the Tuning knob to select "ON"
  5. Press [MENU] to store the settings.
  6. Press any key other than [LAMP]. [Moni/SQL], or [Menu] to exit Menu Mode.

Note: To use a speaker/mic with the radio after programming, repeat these steps with Menu Item 31 set to "OFF" for the speaker/Mic to function properly.