Sometimes when programming the radio an error occurs and the radio resets. When this happens, your call sign is lost along with all other settings you have changed on the radio.

To get started again for programming, you will need to enter your call sign (or at least a letter or two) for the radio to even power back on. This is done from the face of the radio.

When the radio powers up, you will receive a message to enter your callsign.

Touch the word "Callsign" at the bottom of this screen. The input keypad appears. Touch each letter in turn to enter. The letters will appear at the top of this screen.

When finished, press the [ENT] key on this screen. The radio will cycle off and back on with your entry displayed on the startup screen.

In the programmer, check the Settings screen behind the frequency file that you are using to be sure you call sign is entered.

Go to Settings | Radio Menu Settings to find that option.

The Settings screen opens

If the box is blank, type your call sign in here and save this file. Do File | Save from the commands on this screen to make this permanent in the programmer. Then no matter how many frequency files you make, you have this covered.