Memory channels of the radio can be organized into 5 different banks by entering channel details on the Bank A, B, C, D or E tab in the programmer. Each of these can accommodate 99 memory channels.

Access Bank A, B, C, D, or E by selecting the tab at the bottom of the main screen in the programmer.

When using the radio:
  • Be sure the radio is in Memory Mode. Press the Menu button to M2 then touch V/M until Memo appears above the memory channel indication on the screen.
  • Banks and memory channels are selected using the knob at the lower left.
  • The outside ring (closest to the body of the radio) selects the Bank (A, B, C, etc).
  • The knob selects the memory channel within the Bank. Empty memory channels appear when turning the knob. The channel number will increment even though the screen is blank.