The DR-735 has a little "quirk" when the Auto Repeater Shift option (Menu item 20) is engaged. This option will take over operations of the radio for the frequency ranges shown on page 46 of the Instruction Manual.

The "quirk" happens for channels you have programmed in memory. If the frequency falls within one of the ranges shown, the offset frequency and direction will be what you see in the table even if you set it differently when you saved that memory channel. So, it could appear one way in the program and operate differently on the radio.

When you turn off Auto Repeater Shift, you will regain the options of that memory channel as you entered them.

I would think it easier to check and set the options for offset frequency and direction manually (FUNC and VOL keys), if necessary, than to turn this option on (Menu item 20) and have the radio cease to work on channels that once worked !!