This discussion began when someone contacted me for information about entering an access code of Y47 into an FTM-400. Research led me to Yaesu for answers. They supplied this information.

Now, you may find it odd that I am telling you how to do this from the face of the radio rather than in the programmer. Well while it is in the programmer, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you know how to do this from the face of the radio.

Yaesu told me that the Y47 access code was a DG-ID. The radio can handle ONE DG-ID at the time... no more... no one per channel. Based on the information from the Iowa Repeater Council, this same city has two repeaters on two frequencies each with a DIFFERENT access code, Y47 on one and Y43 on the other. To use both of these, you would need to change memory channels AND change the DG-ID from the face of the radio.

In the programmer, this is done in the Settings file. Top of the screen Settings | Radio Menu Settings | Group Monitor / Messaging | DG-ID Tx (any value from 00 to 99). This works well for initial set up, but remember, you may need to change this value "on the fly" to access another system.

I have contacted the repeater owner for more information. I will post corrections as needed once I hear from that organization.