Once programming of the IC-92 is complete, power the radio off and back on to return to normal mode.

Press [MR] repeatedly to enter memory bank mode.... this is the tricky part of the process. You know you're in memory bank mode if a letter follows the MR designation on the face of the radio as shown in this clip from page 76 of the User Manual for the radio:

Once in memory bank mode, press the [BAND] key to change banks. Watch as the letter changes between those in which channels are assigned. Empty banks are not included. (The manual says to hold the [BAND] key while turning the dial. While this works, pressing [BAND] repeatedly seems an easier one-handed action.)

REMEMBER: If the MR designation is followed by three numbers, you are still in memory mode and cannot select a bank. Press MR one more time to get the letter in with those number. Then you are ready to select a bank to use.