VX-8 (and probably others) / MS Error when scanning Yaesu Radios with Banks

In a recent report from a customer, we were told that when trying to scan a Bank 1 in their VX-8G, the radio would display "MS Error". Scanning appeared to work fine in Bank 2, but not Bank 1.

After further testing with the radio along with review of the file, we discovered that if the channels are set to "Skip", they will remain skipped in Memory Bank Scanning as well as Memory Scan. If they are ALL set to skip, the error occurs.

Once we set Skip to "Off" for at least some of the channels, the scan would proceed without error.

This is also NOT specific to any certain bank. The results are the same if all the channels are set to skip in Bank 2.

Without the RT Systems programmer, we would not have been able to view the settings of all the memory channels at once to spot the pattern. Attempting to identify the cause of this problem from the face of the radio would have been difficult, if not impossible.

Other Yaesu handhelds handle this issue differently. So, it appears the "MS Error" is specific to the VX-8G/R series of radios.

For more information on Bank Scanning, you can refer to page 61 of the owner's manual for the VX-8G and page 67 of the owner's manual for the VX-8R.