FT-8800/8900 / Beep at the beginning of transmission

The "Internet" feature has been turned on by pressing the lower left button (knob... you know like you press the lower right to turn it on and off... well sometimes you get confused and press the lower left wanting to turn the radio off... guess what... you turned this "beep" on.)

Turn off by pressing the lower left button (knob) again (and remember, it's the lower right that is the power button).

Screen will display "INT OFF" after pressing the button to let you know the feature has been turned off. 

NOTE: If the "Internet" feature continues to stay on after programming;
  • Turn feature off on radio.
  • Create a new file in the FT-8800 or FT-8900 Programmer application.
  • Complete Communications | Get Data from Radio.
  • After data retrieval, save the new file and discard the old one (if everything is programmed into the radio like you want it, you can save this file right over the old one)
This will resolve the issue with the "Internet" feature being on when you program the radio using the software.