Starting with the VX-6 radio (about 2003) Yaesu included the ability to change the name of a bank.  In the programmer, use Settings | Bank Names and Linking to customize the bank name.  That name will appear on the spread sheet just as it will appear in the radio when you are selecting a bank.  

Bank names, along with being able to put one memory channel in many banks, give you the ability to organize your radio for many different uses: you could have a bank for general ham frequencies, another for the frequencies you use at the local parade, another for the ones you use with the different search and rescue groups you participate with. This division keeps your frequencies separated for specific activities so you're not wading through channels you're not using or waiting for a scan that takes so long through channels that are not important at the moment.

Always remember you can... here... you can learn to use that radio so it is easy for you. 

Banks, one of the best characteristics of a radio to help you get the best use from the unit.
09/06/2013 10:56AM