The AnyTone AT-398 radio has nine banks for sorting the memory channels. Use banks to separate channels into those you use at home, for a special event, for a trip to a distant place, or those you use just for monitoring as in commercial or train frequencies. Consider how you will use your channels and how having too many to scan through or work with can make operating less efficient. The AT-398 allows you to put the same channel in all the banks, a select few, only one, or none. This gives you a great deal of flexibility for organizing those memory channels of the radio.

When using Bank mode on the radio, only those channels in that bank will be available.

Use along with Bank Linking to join several banks. Once linked, all the channels in the linked banks are available for manual selection and for scanning.

Bank mode can be activated ONLY in the programming software.

To activate it, select Settings | Radio Menu Settings.

At the bottom left, set Work Mode to Bank.

This can be done independently for Main and Sub bands of the radio.
You can now operate in a bank when in memory mode or in VFO mode on the radio. Press the V/M key to toggle between the two.

To change banks on the radio, press Func | Set then the B or C key to maneuver through the menu. Menu Item 19 BAK lets you select the bank.

If you select a bank that has nothing in it, the radio will lock onto the last channel you were using before going to the set menu. Simply change to a bank that has channels assigned.