FTM-3207, FTM3200, FTM3207, Data transfer fails, Nothing Happens
FTM-3200 / Radio does "NOTHING" with Get data from
The lock of the radio is tied to the power button. If you press the power button again after turning on that radio and do not hold it long enough to turn the radio off... it will lock. If the radio is in CLONE mode, there will be NO INDICATION ON THE SCREEN that it is locked... what a gotcha.

You will know it is locked if you press the Rev/DW key and it beeps at you. And actually, all the buttons on the face of the radio will beep... they don't if they are not locked.

What is even worse is that it stays locked even if you power off and back on

So if "Nothing Happens" is literally nothing... the radio does not change to TX at all, I would check the status of lock, unlock the radio and try again. I believe you will see complete success when you have access to all functionality of the radio without things being locked out.