Over the years, Prolific has used several chips in the PL2303 series.  Support for the original PL2303 chips has ceased with drivers not being available for Windows 11.

What does this mean for you... that cable you have been using for the last several years to program your radio may not longer work once you upgrade to Windows 11. Once you complete the upgrade, you will see this message when you connect the device.


Yes, that third item is the cable. And try as we might, we could not find drivers that would work for Windows 11. 

Ordering replacement cables might be a bit dicey since you won't know what chip set is in it until it arrives... and does not load either. I can only imagine how many of those are still in stock in warehouses waiting to be sold. This will be a frustrating time for everyone as computers move forward leaving older hardware out.   As I always say... Time, Tide and Computers wait for no man.

The RT Systems cables come forward to Windows 11. If you have the existing drivers installed,  you will never see a difference.  Everything works.  If you are installing drivers on a new system, you need to get the new drivers from our site or from a fresh setup downloaded (another good reason not to load from an old CD).   These should load without help (although we can help should you system need a little encouragement.)

Things may change in the future, but for now (November 2021), if you see that error, a replacement cable with different electronics is the only solution to get the programming done.