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Pofung Handheld Programming Software & USB Cables

Pofung Radios, also known as Baofeng Radios, is one of the most popular brands of amateur radios on the market. Due to a U.S. trademark issue, Baofeng radios had to be shipped as Pofung radios while the issue was being worked out. The programming software for these radios is completely interchangeable, and there is no difference in the features or functionality. This means that our Pofung handheld radio software can be used for both Baofeng and Pofung software updates. We have Pofung USB cables that will work with your Baofeng radios as well.

Download Pofung programming software directly to your computer and use the RT Systems interface to navigate through all settings and features rather than using your radio’s buttons and knobs. This makes for a faster, more organized process with our software programs specifically designed for each model of radio. Order USB cables and download our Pofung software now for the most up-to-date handheld radio software available.

RT Systems software works with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 operating systems for 32 and 64 bit platforms.

The Baofeng company changed its name to Pofung. So far there have been no changes to the radios other than the company name. The RT Systems software for a particular Baofeng radio (BAO-xxx) works for the same model radio labeled as Pofung (i.e., the BAO-5R works for both the Baofeng UV-5R AND the Pofung UV-5R).

Click on your Pofung handheld radio model for details.