Included here are two files. These files contain the frequencies that Rugged Radios has been programming into several radio models. Once programmed, the radio will communicate with the RM-60, the V3, the RDM-DB, the RH-5RV2 and others that have these as preprogrammed channels.

Do this to use these files.
  1. Download the two files to c:\Documents\Rugged Radios\M1 (or wherever you want to save them that you can find them... I don't recommend the desktop or downloads directories)
  2. Unzip the file to extract the frequency file ending in M1D and the settings file ending in RSF.
  3. Open the RT Systems M1 programmer
  4. Select Settings | Preferences | Other | Keep menu settings and frequencies in a single file.
  5. Click OK on this screen to save and close.
  6. Select File | Open
  7. Navigate to the Frequency File (M1_Frequencies.M1D) and open it.
  8. Once the file appears on the screen, complete Communications | Send data to radio. (this is presuming you have already done Communications | Get data from radio to sync the radio to the computer.) Details on No Ports Found Video (if you need it)
When you're finished, the radio will be programmed with all the channels and settings shown in the file.

Check out the Settings screen and the explanations here:

M1 Radio Menu Settings

Points of interest here (If I don't mention an option here, it is not of first importance for radio performance)

  • Radio Name: This string appears when the radio is powered on. You can customize this for each customer.
  • Radio Buttons - (You may want to take a screen shot of this section to give to your customers for reference.)
    • Gear
      • Menu/Confirm - Access the menu of the radio. You want to be sure this one is available.
      • Zone Select - This is available from the menu, but, it is easier to use the radio if it is available from a button.
    • A/B
      • This radio has two brains. This file is set up so they are identical. You could set them up so they are different. If so, this is how you access the different parts of the brain.
      • Single/Dual Band - Without this, A/B does not function. If you are going to use the two parts separately, you need this. If not, you might want to change this to Off so you cannot get the radio into a state that you don't recognize.
    • P1/P2/P3/P4 keys- Access a particular channel. Remember, Channel 1 will be different in VHF Analog zone than it is in VHF Digital zone. as will 2, 3 and 4.
    • TXT
      • Message - available when channel in DMR mode. See more details here
      • Adjust Screen Light - Make radio display darker or brighter.
    • Lock
      • Return - Exits the menu system of the radio. You want to keep this one... somewhere
      • Keypad Lock - This is the MOST IMPORTANT function for all the keys. You want to be able to lock the radio so you don't accidentally change channels and lose all communication. This is the LONG press for this key. It Locks and Unlocks the radio. I would recommend not changing it.