This article is going to discuss both the radio and the programmer... The issue is that when the radio is in Large Character display for the names for the memory channels, the VFO/Memory Label and the Operating Mode indication will be LOST from the face of the radio (and replaced with the oversized characters.

In the programmer, this option is controlled with the Large Display selection (check box) found under Settings | Display and Power. If checked, the names will be displayed in large characters. In the “Large Character” mode, the VFO/Memory label and the Mode indication will disappear, as the frequency display field is doubled in size

On the radio, press the [C](DISP) key (found in the Multi-Function Row "i" menu MFi) to switch the display between the Large Character and Small Character modes. So, you see, it is really easy to accidentally turn on this feature on the radio when you're trying to get something else done. No harm... just find that menu again and when you press the C key again, the display will go back to small).

Also, if you press and hold in the [C](DISP) key for one second to recall Menu Mode No-043 [DISP INTENSITY] (for setting of the display brightness level).