60M Channels, FT-857D, FT-897D. Memory Groups
In the FT-857/897, if you can't access the 60 Meter frequencies on a "D" radio (like you were able to in the past but not now), check that the radio is not in a Memory Group.

To check,
  • turn the knob while in memory mode, watch the memory channel numbers. They will cycle at 20, 40, etc...
  • An indication of Ma, Mb, etc. will be displayed rather than just an indication of M for memory.
  • The 60 Meter channels are available in memory bank MI.

Exit memory group mode from the option (checkbox) on the settings screen (making sure you save your changes). This change will keep it from being turned on when you program the radio again.

Or it can be turned off from the face of the radio with option 55 [MEM GROUP] in the set menu.