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Leixen Radio Programming Software & USB Cables

Leixen handheld radios are known for their compact and portable designs, as well as their diverse features. At RT Systems, we have the best Leixen software updates for keeping your handhelds operating at peak performance. Our software upgrades are designed in the U.S.A., tested to ensure accuracy and easy to perform. For updating Leixen handheld radios, download any Leixen programming software and use the included RT Systems interface to navigate through all settings and features. No longer will you have to use your radio’s buttons and knobs for software updates. The RT Systems interface handles everything!

Don’t forget to use our Leixen USB cables to ensure each software update goes smoothly and there are no interruptions. With our Leixen radio programming software and USB cables together, you’re sure to enjoy the fastest and easiest updates possible. Download software directly and order USB cables now for fast delivery.