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Knowledge Base : usb cables
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Mac Drivers for RT Systems USB Cables
The RT Systems programmers are Windows based. They can be run successfully in a good virtual machine such as Parallels or VMware. Provided here are drivers for the RT Systems USB cables for

Windows Drivers for the RT Systems USB cables

Installation of drivers for RT Systems USB cables. USB Drivers for RT Systems USB cables other than the original VX-8 cable. USB Drivers
Change the serial port of the USB cable
The serial port number of the USB cables can be changed using the Device Manager. To start the Device Manage, click on the Start button and then in the Run (Search Programs) box type sysdm.cpl and
USB-82 Cable

This radio uses a different cable (USB-82) than the original VX-8 or VX-8D ergo, it is distributed as a different programming kit.
Updated drivers for Kantronics USB cable from Associated Radio
Associated radio makes a 25-pin to USB cable for use with the Kantronics TNC. Use the link to download and install the latest drivers for the electronics in the USB of the newer cables. Driver update
IC-9100 USB Driver Setup

The IC-9100 has built in USB circuitry. A USB-A to USB-B cable can be used to connect the radio to the computer through the USB port on the back of the radio.. If the radio is connected while it
Cabling for PEP2000 Firmware Upgrade
RT Systems is here to offer support for the cabling to complete this process. We are not here to discuss the procedure or what it does or does not do. Any support for the PEP2000 upgrade process is pr
Equipment required for EchoLink

To use EchoLink on the TM-V71, you'll need two separate cables for this radio. 1. The USB-K5G cable 2. PG-5H Cable (from Kenwood) You'll need to have both of these cables plugged into th
Error - Can't load Ftd2xx.dll - Error

1) Has the RT Systems USB cable been plugged in yet? If not, please attach the appropriate RT Systems USB cable for this programmer. Give Windows a little time to complete installation of the drivers
FT_W32_GetComMask - Error

Error with USB cable Customer reports error with USB cable when accessed in programmer. The error message is: "CommondataV4 Error: Can't Find FT_W32_GetCommMask" I get this error twice an
Install Disc 1 - error message at installation

The error message - " Install disc 1 " - occasionally happens when the program is installed. Most of the time, this means that it just had a problem with the drivers. The steps below will fix the pro
Cable communication problems in Ham Radio Deluxe

Error with USB cable Getting this cable to work with a radio and Ham Radio Deluxe can be a little tricky. Right now we only have the Yaesu FT-450 to work with. We bet others are similar. If unable

USB to 8-pin mini din interface cable comparable to the original CT-62 (db-9 serial) CAT interface cable distributed by Yaesu.   This cable works with:  FT-100 FT-817 (original a

The USB-63 cable works with many Yaesu and Kenwood HF radios: specifically those with a 9-pin male CAT connection on the radio.   The USB-63 works with Yaesu FT-450 FT-920 FT-950 FT-10
Software and Cables

We did not make software for this radio when it was current. The RT Systems USB-29A Radio Cable should work with this radio.
Software and Cables

The blue USB-29A cable plugs into the outside speaker jack on the back of this radio. Page 9 in the owners manual will refer to this as #10 external speaker jack. (Cable is used for programming only)
Port for Data/Programming Cable

When the USB-RTS05 data cable is being used, it connects to the data jack on the side of the radio NOT the mic jack on the top. The instructions on the screen are a carryover from when the data ca
Clone to TX Issue

Can't get from clone to TX to transmit data - Are you using the correct cable, calls for USB-57A (color is red - must have the 3 black rings on the end) - can also use the USB-57B (yel
Can't do a data transfer - Version 3 (serial cable)

Using a black DB-9 serial cable?  Check the plug going into the radio - does it have 3 black rings and 4 silver (this is correct)?   Does it just have two black 
Can't do a data transfer - keypad locked?

Using a black DB-9 serial cable?  Check the plug going into the radio - does it have 3 black rings and 4 silver (this is correct)?   Does it just have two black