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No Radio Modules Were Found Error

This error most commonly occurs upon trying to start up the radio programmer immediately after installation. There are two different methods that can help fix this problem - we recommend you try meth
D-Star Calculator in ID-800 Programmers
The RT Systems Programmer for the ID-800 has limited use of the D-Star calculator. When you click Apply in the calculator, the frequency will be entered but the callsign information will not be compl
IC-9100 USB Driver Setup

The IC-9100 has built in USB circuitry. A USB-A to USB-B cable can be used to connect the radio to the computer through the USB port on the back of the radio.. If the radio is connected while it
Equipment required for EchoLink

To use EchoLink on the TM-V71, you'll need two separate cables for this radio. 1. The USB-K5G cable 2. PG-5H Cable (from Kenwood) You'll need to have both of these cables plugged into th
Cable communication problems in Ham Radio Deluxe

Error with USB cable Getting this cable to work with a radio and Ham Radio Deluxe can be a little tricky. Right now we only have the Yaesu FT-450 to work with. We bet others are similar. If unable
Runtime not installing or Side by Side configuration error message

This error appears when the programmer is first run after installation. A Windows error appears with text that include a reference to a "side by side" error. This error is results from the runtime fi
Memory Banks

To access the memory banks in the IC-2300 once they are programmed:  Press M-Call to access memory mode (at this point all your memory channels will be available when you turn the tuning k
Programmed frequencies do not show on radio.

This is an interesting radio.  Out of the box it is locked down to Ham Band Only coverage and In Band operations for VFO and Memory channels.  What this means to you... 1)  
Programming the FTM-400 via the SD Card
FTM-400 Data Transfer The ADMS-M400 Radio Programmer for the Yaesu FTM-400 Getting the initial details from the radio.
Send Data to Radio Fails (European Models Only) IC-7100, IC-9100

This guide may apply in cases where the following are true: You can get data from the radio (click Communications > Get data from radio) with no problems You cannot send data to the radio
Identifying your Kenwood TH-D7 radio
Identifying TH-D7 Radios Programming the Kenwood TH-D7A and TH-D7AG Radios The Kenwood TH-D7 radio was produced
"Ghost" transmissions

The TYT TH-UV6R radio seems to have a problem associated with Channel 1. It seems that transmissions on the frequency on Channel 1 will be heard even when the radio is not on Channel 1. The channel 1
IC-7300 USB Driver Setup

The IC-7300 has built in USB circuitry. A USB-A to USB-B cable can be used to connect the radio to the computer through the USB port on the back of the radio.. If the radio is connected while it
Sept 2017 Firmware Upgrade for Yaesu FTM-400 and FTM-100

Using the RT Systems ADMS-M400 or the ADMS-M100 Programmer after the Firmware Upgrade Yaesu released firmware upgrades for each the FTM-100
USB Driver Error - Code 39 {Bad Image} on Windows 10

The Spring Creators Update for Windows 10 has been known to cause an issue with the USB driver installation for RT Systems cables. If you have found you get a "Code 39" error as seen in the picture b

Different CTCSS tones for Tx and Rx

The FTM-400 cannot do different tones for CTCSS Tx and Rx. January 2019.. although I am sure we have done this repeatedly... now it is documented. I tried everything I could think of to get this radi
Strange Behavior for the Memory channels

A strange feature of the radio involves memory channel selection. It seems to only affect the Broadcast Band frequencies and is only an issue in Band A of the radio. This could be by design and we hav
Navi - not working, radio stays in standby

"Navi" won't work, radio stays in "Stdby" - Radio needs to be set to GPS.  Go into "Radio Menu Settings", select the APRS/GPS tab, in about the center of the page, "My Position" needs to be set

Complaint   -  After programing both the Left and Right Memories,   only the Left memories will scan . When attempt to scan on the right memories the radio displays a message Erro
MSK, minimum shift keying, is a modulation scheme that in theory send information digitally. Basically it is designed to send your callsign or other short message at the end of a transmission. From th