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12">Install Disc 1 - error message at installation

The error message - " Install disc 1 " - occasionally happens when the program is installed. Most of the time, this means that it just had a problem with the drivers. The steps below will fix the pro
12">Programmer Discontinued

Radio discontinued years ago (probably about 2000). Programmer discontinued about 2007 - tried to continue, but performance just not acceptable on the newer operating systems. Programmer was dis
12">Programmer Discontinued

Older Yaesu 2M handheld radio, discontinued years ago (probably 2003). Programmer discontinued - 2008. Originally part of the ADMS-1, finally in the ADMS-1E, which was discontinued in 2005, in v
12">Programmer Discontinued

Yaesu Radio - Introduced about 1995 / Discontinued about 2000. Programmer discontinued about 2007 and is no longer available.
12">Discontinued Radio

This is an older discontinued Yaesu mobile radio that preceded our software - so we don't have anything available for it.
10">Cabling for PEP2000 Firmware Upgrade
RT Systems is here to offer support for the cabling to complete this process. We are not here to discuss the procedure or what it does or does not do. Any support for the PEP2000 upgrade process is pr
12">MS Error when scanning Yaesu Radios with Banks

In a recent report from a customer, they stated when trying to scan a certain bank in their VX-8G, the radio would display "MS Error". Scanning appeared to work fine in Bank 2, but not Bank 1.
12">No programmer for this radio

The Icom IC-2000 radio was available in the 1990s.   We suspect that it did not have the ability to be programmed from the computer since it had been discontinued before the programming pro
12">Software and cable

The software for this radio was discontinued about 2004 and is no longer available.   (Even if they have a cable, we no longer have software. ) The baud  (data transfer) rate of the radi
12">Travel Plus 2012 Installation

We discovered a problem with the latest Travel Plus when it replaces last year's version.   The previous version needs to be removed prior to installation of the new one. On 64 bit sys
12">Programming/Control Cable

The TS-440 is an older discontinued HF rig - we do not have a cable for it.
12">Name Display

According to the Icom manual and to Icom tech support, the only way the names are displayed on the radio is if the radio display is in List Mode.   To enter List Mode:  Press Menu
12">Details for IC-756

Radio is discontinued. Radio did not have programming abilities.  It is a big desktop HF rig.  Generally those have the ability to be controlled from the computer; but there is no acce
12">CTCSS or PL Tones do not transmit

CTCSS or PL Tones do not transmit This will happen if the cable is left connected to the radio and is NOT connected to the computer (it sets up a ground loop that causes this problem).
12">FT-857/897 Shortcut Does Not Open Programmer and Icon Is Missing

This issue sometimes comes up if you have an installation disc from 2012 or earlier. To resolve it, please follow the instructions below: Right click on the shortcut for the programmer and click pro
12">The Installation Must Run From the Original CD" Error During Installation On A Parallels Virtual Machine
Parallels sometimes has trouble recognizing an optical drive (e.g. a CD/DVD drive) as such - this, in turn, causes problems while installing our software. The virtual machine can access the installat
12">Quick Guide to Reading and Writing the FTM-400 Radio

Follow these exact steps from beginning to end to get data from or send data to the FTM-400 radio. You must get data from the radio before you can send data to the radio the first time. This gets bac
Silicon Labs Drivers
1) Many radios are now using Silicon Lab Drivers to communicate between the radio and the computer. Given how RT Systems programmers "find" the radio for you in the Communications | Get or Send data
12">No Programming Software

Yaesu radio. Introduced about 1996 / Discontinued about 2000. Programmer discontinued about 2007 and is no longer available.
12">General Information

This radio is a desk model radio that was HF/VHF/UHF transceiver.  It was in production about 1998 until 2007... maybe.  I know as of this writing (2011) it has been discontinued. &nbs