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Auto Step and Limit Memory Scanning

The Limit Memory channels that are PMS scanning setup in the FTM-400 offer a Step option. This option is used by the radio during scanning only if Auto Step is turned off. The default for Auto St
MS Error when scanning Yaesu Radios with Banks

In a recent report from a customer, they stated when trying to scan a certain bank in their VX-8G, the radio would display "MS Error". Scanning appeared to work fine in Bank 2, but not Bank 1.
FT-8900 Memory Scanning

The FT-8900 does not have banks into which memory channels can be isolated. It also does not have band scanning for memory channels (would have been nice... but it's just not part of the design of tha
After the last update, my scan stopped working.
In early January 2013, an update to the Wouxun programmer(s) affected the "Scan Add" function. This update broke the files previously had "Scan Add" turned on, it shut the feature off. Affected progr
Include or exclude Weather Channels while scanning
When I set my Yaesu FT-2900 to scan Banks (B1, B2, or B3), it always includes scanning the Weather channels. I cannot seem to find a tab to turn off this feature? Is it possible to NOT include the
Receive Beep When Scanning

To turn off the Beep heard when a signal is received during scanning, you must control Menu Item Number 624 Rx Beep. That item can be set separately for each Programmable memory. If you are not usi
FT-991 Scanning
After completing Communications | Send data to radio, you must power the radio off and back on for the Scanning process to again be functional. The radio does something with the data during startup
After the last update, my scan stopped working.
In early January 2013, we made an update to the Baofeng programmer and the "Scan Add" function. This update broke your files in that if you previously had "Scan Add" turned on, it shut the feature off
Memory Banks

To access the memory banks in the IC-2300 once they are programmed:  Press M-Call to access memory mode (at this point all your memory channels will be available when you turn the tuning k

Page 18 of the manual details Memory Channel Groups. Let me summarize here. The groups are predefined for the memory channels as shown in the first chart. Channels 0-49 are in Group 0, Channels 50-99
Some things about the IC-R8600 Receiver that might be helpful as you learn this new radio.
A USB-A to USB-B (RT-42) cable plugged into the USB port on the back of the radio (the one next to the remote jack NOT the I/Q Out port) or a USB-A to Mini-B (RT-41) plugged into the USB port a
How the Quad Band KG-UV980H radio handles frquencies.
The Wouxum KG-UV980H Quad Band radio handles frequencies differently on its right and left sides. The left side handles all of the bands (actually, there are more than four) listed on page
KRS-V71 Version 5.00.19 Update

The update to Version 5.00.19 of the KRS-V71 programmer for the Kenwood TM-V71 is an important one IF you use certain features on your radio. You will see the issue on your radio IF you set Memory Re
FT-3D Separate Channels in top and bottom displays

The FT-3D radio has two displays. So why when I program that radio do all the channels show up on the top and the bottom? The radio was designed with one "bucket" of memory channels but two ways to lo

Complaint   -  After programing both the Left and Right Memories,   only the Left memories will scan . When attempt to scan on the right memories the radio displays a message Erro
PMS Steps
This is what I found with the FTM-400 and PMS scanning. Using programmer version 5.00.47, I set frequencies in the Band A and Band B Limit Memories. I also set Step to 5, 25, 12.5, 50, 100, and Aut

Failure in FTM-300 radio

There is a bug in the design of the FTM-300 that is easy to avoid but is fatal if you encounter it. While it is easy to set up in the programmer, it is NOT the fault of the programmer, it is by design
Radio Locks Up

If radio set to scan through the weather channels - If all but one channel set to skip the radio will lock up on that channel when scanning or when weather alert function is used - TO avoid
WX Channels

The only way to get to Wx Channels is to reprogram one of the keys for WX.       If radio set to scan through the weather channels -     If all but on