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D-Star Calculator in ID-800 Programmers
The RT Systems Programmer for the ID-800 has limited use of the D-Star calculator. When you click Apply in the calculator, the frequency will be entered but the callsign information will not be compl
Banks on the IC-92 - Accessing after programming
Once programming is complete, power the radio off and back on to return to normal mode. Press [MR] repeatedly to enter memory bank mode.... this is the tricky part of the process. You know you're
Installation of the Programmer on Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
On some machines running Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10, installation of the RT Systems Programmers will display an error warning of Windows version compatibility. This seems to happen on machin
Cable communication problems in Ham Radio Deluxe

Error with USB cable Getting this cable to work with a radio and Ham Radio Deluxe can be a little tricky. Right now we only have the Yaesu FT-450 to work with. We bet others are similar. If unable
No programmer for this radio

The Icom IC-2000 radio was available in the 1990s.   We suspect that it did not have the ability to be programmed from the computer since it had been discontinued before the programming pro
No programmer for this radio

Through all its iterations (original, Mark II, MarkIIG, etc) ICOM never opened the memories of this radio for programming from the computer.   Some memory channel details can be accessed fr
Instructions for Programming

Information on how to program your TH-G71A from your PC. The optional  programming cable is a PG-4P, you will probably need an adapter to go from a  DB25 to a DB9. Try the Radio Shack #
Port for Data/Programming Cable

When the USB-RTS05 data cable is being used, it connects to the data jack on the side of the radio NOT the mic jack on the top. The instructions on the screen are a carryover from when the data ca
Banks - Accessing on the radio after programming

Once programming of the IC-92 is complete, power the radio off and back on to return to normal mode. Press [MR] repeatedly to enter memory bank mode.... this is the tricky part of the process. Y
No Programming Software

The FT-2500 is an older radio, it preceded our programmer and thus we have not addressed it.
Programmer Discontinued

Radio discontinued years ago (probably about 2000). Programmer discontinued about 2007 - tried to continue, but performance just not acceptable on the newer operating systems. Programmer was dis
No Programming Software

The Yaesu FTM-10R is a compact 2m/70cm dual-band mobile XCVR with weatherproof front control panel - (think introduced in 2009). This radio   DOES NOT   have cloning capability - so ther
Remote Mic (HM-59) not working properly

Problem:   The microphone (HM-59) worked before I used ADMS-4B to program the radio. If I reset the radio, the microphone starts working properly. If I reload the saved fre
Programmed frequencies do not show on radio.

This is an interesting radio.  Out of the box it is locked down to Ham Band Only coverage and In Band operations for VFO and Memory channels.  What this means to you... 1)  
FT-857/897 Shortcut Does Not Open Programmer and Icon Is Missing

This issue sometimes comes up if you have an installation disc from 2012 or earlier. To resolve it, please follow the instructions below: Right click on the shortcut for the programmer and click pro
Programming the FTM-400 via the SD Card
FTM-400 Data Transfer The ADMS-M400 Radio Programmer for the Yaesu FTM-400 Getting the initial details from the radio.
Getting Started with the ADMS-FT1D Programmer
FT-1D Data Transfer The ADMS-FT1D Radio Programmer for the Yaesu FT-1D radio Programming the Yaesu FT-1D radio begins with gett
The new programmer interface to RFinder Worldwide Database
RFinder Worldwide Database RFinder Worldwide Database Interface to RT Systems Programmers   The RFinder (RepeaterFinder) Worldwide Repe
CI-V Baud Rate affects programming

The RT Systems programmer cannot talk to the ID-51 (in all its varieties) if the CI-V Baud Rate is set to 19200. We are working to change this in the program, but for now, please make sure the CI-V
VX-7 Accessing Marine and Shortwave Pre-programmed Frequencies

The VX-7 comes pre-programmed with 89 popular Short-wave Broadcast Station Memory Channels and 280 VHF Marine Channels. When trying to access the BC Station or Marine channels you may get a beep wh