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GPS Not Working on Radio

When clicking the Menu button to show the GPS setting they are blank and not flashing.  There could be two reasons for this happening on the VX-8G radio. 1.  The GPS Power is set
Name Display

The name will not display on this radio when it is in the Dual Receive Mode - it must be in mono to have the name show on the display. Press and Hold the A or B key next to the radio's display t
Sql Type Disabled on Radio

With APRS engaged, Sql-Type cannot be changed for Band B from the face of the radio.   Band A functions normally.   This option is engaged from the face of the radio using the APRS men
Squelch Type

On the VX-8G, there is an A Band and B Band. In the B Band, it does not allow the SQL TYPE to be changed due to APRS being turned on. If you press the A button, it will put you in the A band, APRS wi
USB-82 Cable

This radio uses a different cable (USB-82) than the original VX-8 or VX-8D ergo, it is distributed as a different programming kit.