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Bank Names

Starting with the VX-6 radio and newer model Yaesu radio's, you can change the name of the banks in each radio.
Can't get into CLONE mode

If you are unable to get the VX-6 into CLONE mode - do you have the password enabled, where you have to hit a series of keys to get the radio to function? This feature will need to be disabled to get
Can't get into CLONE mode

Can't send data to the radio , won't go from CLONE to WAIT - If you see a small padlock on the display of the radio, the keys are locked. In order to proceed, you'll need to turn off Keylock and then
Radio is stuck on one channel

"Stuck on one channel"   - can get other unique issues here, but if the radio is in DMR (Direct Memory Recall) it will lock it on a set of pre-filled channels, (channels can be changed