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6 & 10 Meters - Right and Left sides

6 & 10 Meters   - Yes, you can program 6 and 10 meters into this radio.  Type them into memory channels in the program in any order.   The left side of the radio will use and
A tone is heard by the receiving station at the beginning of each of my transmissions.

The Internet Connection feature of the radio is turned on. To turn it off press and release the left Vol knob. This will be the lower button on the left which is often mistaken as the one used fo
Memory Channel selection from the microphone

The FT-8900 has a problem accessing memory channels when the channel number is entered from the microphone. Channels 256 - 299 cannot be accessed Channels  512-599 will return channels
Power Button

Power Button is the lower right button, not the top as you would think...
FT-8900 Memory Scanning

The FT-8900 does not have banks into which memory channels can be isolated. It also does not have band scanning for memory channels (would have been nice... but it's just not part of the design of tha