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APRS/Packet Sort Filter

        Sort:  This is reset to Time when the radio is turned off. This was true in the original radio and is still true in the 1.2 version.  It i
DCS Polarity

Not available to change on the radio only in software.
Firmware V 1.2 Update Notes

   1)  The radio holds the version number in two places.  One is displayed to the user when the radio is put into Clone mode.  The other is held internally.  The inte
Half Deviation

The radio does not have this capability - it will only operate on the +/- 5 khz step as indicated in the manual.
Lock Type

The ability to change the lock type is only in the software and the choices are Off, Key, Dial and Key + Dial
Mono or Dual Receive Toggle

Press and hold either the FWD or BCK button for 1 sec to toggle between Mono and Dual Receive.
Navi - not working, radio stays in standby

"Navi" won't work, radio stays in "Stdby" - Radio needs to be set to GPS.  Go into "Radio Menu Settings", select the APRS/GPS tab, in about the center of the page, "My Position" needs to be set
Programmed frequencies do not show on radio.

This is an interesting radio.  Out of the box it is locked down to Ham Band Only coverage and In Band operations for VFO and Memory channels.  What this means to you... 1)  
Radio Locks Up

If radio set to scan through the weather channels - If all but one channel set to skip the radio will lock up on that channel when scanning or when weather alert function is used - TO avoid
S Meter Indicators

A on the S-Meter area indicates APRS operation band D on the S-Meter area indicates Data operation band P on the S-Meter area indicates Dual Watch

Complaint   -  After programing both the Left and Right Memories,   only the Left memories will scan . When attempt to scan on the right memories the radio displays a message Erro
USB-81 Cable

USB-81 can also be used for firmware updates from Yaesu.
WX Channels

The only way to get to Wx Channels is to reprogram one of the keys for WX.       If radio set to scan through the weather channels -     If all but on
Cannot Start Cross-Band Repeater Mode
To start cross-band repeat mode, turn the radio off, then turn it back on while holding the key to the left of the power button. Then, turn the left dial to option 11 and press the dial twice to start